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SparkLogics is a global company with a single goal: to partner with companies in a spirit of collaboration to help them evolve and grow in today's dynamic marketplace. With the changing role of IT from "Running the Business" to "Changing the Business", its important for a software's success to be measured on schedule; quality; and cost.

Veritas Prep India
Spiritual Vidya Inc., NY, USA
Ambassador Schools, Dubai, UAE
NetworkDU - Delhi University's Virtual Campus
Screening Genie - Your Recruitment Assistant
Myers Street Dentals, Geelong, Australia
Spiritual Heritage
BitChef - Technology served hot!
The Princeton Review
Meethi Angeethi
Catch The Rhythms, NY, USA
LK Advani
missionMBA - networking MBA Aspirants - e-commerce
Score-Plus -
Society For Petroleum Laboratory, India - Govt. of India
Chamunda Swami Ji
Service King Manufacturing, Inc.
networkDU -  Delhi University
mission MBA
Screening Genie, NY, USA
Catch The Rhythms, NY, USA
Ambassador School, Dubai
SEO for Whiteglow Consulting
SEo for Meethi Angeethi
Facebook fanbase for Advani Ji
Princeton Review Middle East
Ambassador Schools, Dubai
Veritas Prep, India
Spiritual Vidya Inc., NY, USA
L.K.Advani ji, President - BJP
Vikas Khanna, Masterchef, NY, USA
Chamunda Swami Ji, Spiritual Healer, NY, USA - Comic Strips - Comic Strips - Comic Strips - Comic Strips
Ambassador Schools, Dubai - Collage created out of students' pictures
inlingua - Art Work
inlingua - Art Work
inlingua - Art Work
inlingua - Art Work
3D video for Spritual Labs

Whether you goal to sell your products online via e-commerce or to simply promote your goods and/or services, SparkLogics ensures a great user experience.

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