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SparkLogics is a global IT services, technology consulting, and business solutions organisation. We offer a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT services that is powered by our exceptional research and innovation capabilities.

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We started with the vision of helping the businesses harness the power of technologies to create a more effective and efficient world. We continue to partner with organisations to help them achieve their technology aspirations. 70+ clients, across the globe, trust us with their business. We are committed to the success of our clients. We believe their success would correspond to our success in the long run.


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Meet the founding team

Our team

Founded in 2018-19 by three co-founders, we are a team of 50+ employees with significant presence and client-base across India, Sri Lanka, and Australia.

Sipun Pradhan

Director, Technology and Research

Sipun is an AI and Blockchain researcher with 7+ years of experience across product research and development. He has three research papers in his name published in highly reputed journals. A solution architect who has helped several organizations build scalable solutions for their million plus userbases.

Devashish Bhattacharya

Director, Operations and Enterprise sales

Devashish graduated from IIT Delhi and completed executive education program in business analytics from IIM Bangalore. With 16+ years of experience in the software industry, he has worked with companies like Microsoft, IBM, Flipkart, LinkedIn.

Honey Arora

Director, Product and Marketing

Honey is an Product Leader and a Marketing Strategist with 14+ years of experience across product development, product management, and product marketing roles. He has a strong bias towards User Experience and Customer Success. A problem solver who helps the organizations achieve their business aspirations by driving vision, strategy, design, and execution of the product solutions.